400W Halogen & Pir Kingavon


This diecast aluminium weatherproof lamp comes with a new 400 Watt C Class halogen bulb which is shielded by tempered heat resistant shatterproof glass for protection. It also has a built in PIR motion sensor with 12-15m range & adjustable swivel head detector with 180° angle.



This 400W home security floodlight is ideal for illuminating a wide area. Built-in PIR movement sensors mean that the lights automatically switch on when movement is detected.

The movement detectors have a 180 Dregree detection angle, and can be pointed in a range of directions through 180 Degree; left to right and 1801/2? vertically.

Each movement sensor has three adjustment settings to vary the sensitivity to movement distance, illumination time and daylight. The latter can be used to prevent the light illuminating during the day.

The die-cast aluminium casings are both strong and lightweight, and are fronted with shatterproof glass. The casings are weatherproofed to IP44 standard.

The halogen lights are supplied complete with mounting brackets and 400W halogen bulbs.