Roundup Biactive 5 Litre


Round Up Biactive – 5 Litre is a professional herbicide with a triple strength formulation, it is used to control annual and perennial grass and broad leaved weeds in non-crop areas.

Professional herbicide
Controls grass & weeds
Triple strength formulation
For use in non-crop areas


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Round Up pro bi active weed killer, very safe to use yet highly effective, no hazardous effects on animals, birds, or fish, see results in days.
Key benefits of Roundup Pro Biactive:
•Unique Biactive formulation gets more glyphosate into the plant
•Highest levels of performance and safety
•Superior long term control of difficult perennial weeds
•Hazard free label – safer for the operator, public and pets
•Degraded by micro-organisms/microbes in the soil, excellent rainfastness
•Make the most of those precious weather windows
•You can use Roundup Pro Biactive with confidence in areas open to the public and animals, or even near water