Roundup XL 5 Litre .


Large Volume of Roundup Professional Weed Killer
A Foliar Applied Translocated Herbicide
Type: Contact & Systemic
Kills Annual & Perennial Grasses & Broadleaf Weeds / Plants
Fast & Effective Control of Your Garden Weeds
Volume: 5 Litres
Concentrated Weed Killer
Dilute as Per Instructions
Container: Plastic & Resealable With Child Resistant Cap
Active Ingredient: 360g/l Glyphosate, Present as 441g/l of Potassium Salt of Glyphosate
Brand: Monsanto



  • Use with caution & only as per instructions
  • Do not use within 5m of water ways
  • Roundup can be used to kill persistent weeds such as annual, perennial, narrow leaf & broadleaf weeds
  • Controls the following common weeds: Docks, dandelions, clovers, brambles, plantain, scutch grass, nettles, thistles & more
  • This is a non-selective weed killer
    • It will kill any plant who’s foliage it comes into contact with
  • Can be applied to all garden areas 2 weeks prior to sowing
  • A contact, systemic weed killer
  • Once chemical comes into contact with soil, the chemical becomes locked inside clay particles
    • It enters the weed’s leaves & works its way through the plant to the roots
  • Do not use in greenhouse or under glass

Roundup – Directions for Use

  • Please read label for full instructions on use
  • Always use PPE when working with garden & professional use chemicals
  • Only apply when minimum of 6 hours of dry weather is expected
  • Do not use on a windy day
  • Apply in the growing season, preferably when weeds are at or near flowering
  • Always wear protective gloves and mask when using garden chemicals
  • Take great care not to spill or leak weed killer onto plants or lawn areas
  • Keep weed killer in container provided
  • Keep animals and pets away from treated area until weed killer has dried into plants
  • Dilute in water as required

Roundup – Advantages

  • Just 1 litre of product provides for over 30 litres of weed killer
  • Quickly dissolves in rain water and will not harm your soil
  • Treated area is ready for planting within 2 weeks of application
  • Kills persistent weeds after just one application
  • Saves time on onerous manual weeding
  • Will not harm soil like path clear will
  • A very efficient way of controlling weeds

Roundup – Notes

  • To fully eradicate very persistent weeds such as scutch grass, 3 or 4 applications may be necessary
    • This applies for Roundup & all other glyphosphate based weed killers
  • To improve the ‘sticking’ quality of the diluted weed killer, add a drop of washing up liquid to the mix

Roundup – SUD Directive

  • For professional use
  • Requires SUD certificate to apply this product
  • PCS: 5161
  • Please read MSDS sheet provided with this product