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Keter Grande-Store xxl 2020 Litre

The Grande-Store is a state-of-the-art storage solution that combines rustic style and durability. Made with ultra-rugged DUOTECH™ walls, it will withstand any weather conditions and will maintain its appearance intact without requiring maintenance. The walls are also paintable, so you can customize the unit to be uniquely yours. This shed offers the perfect storage solution for two 360L/96 gal. or three 240L/63 gal. trash cans, two adult and two children’s bikes, or gardening tools. This storage unit also comes with a sloping threshold, locking system, built-in ventilation and adjustable brackets to install an extra shelf.

w 190.5 cm
d 109.3 cm
h 132.5 cm

w 178.5cm
d 94.0cm
h 123.6cm

CAPACITY:2,020.0 l

Lid-to-lid chain for hands-off trash bin opening
Easy to open at the top thanks to the hydraulic piston system
All-weather construction with steel reinforcements
Sloped threshold to easily roll heavier items in or out.
Built-in ventilation keeps the contents dry and ventilated
A wooden shelf can be installed using the included adjustable brackets to expand the storage options
Paintable DUOTECH™ walls make customization easy

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