295ml MM70 Ultra Strength Grab Adhesive White


AlphaChem MM70 is an ultra high strength, fully elastic, hybrid grab adhesive that is 4 times more powerful than a conventional hybrid, therefore eliminating the need mechanical support in most applications.

This high strength grab adhesive had been specifically formulated to provide a stronger and longer lasting bond, even on wet surfaces, in fact in all weather conditions. With numerous internal and external uses, superb adhesion qualities, rapid curing, non-shrink, solvent free and overpaintable (with water based paints only*), MM70 is the ultimate in new grab adhesive technology. Typical bond strength is 250Kg/m².

Suitable for use on numerous different substrates including metal, glass, wood, concrete, plasterboard, stone, polyester and much, much more.

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• Can be applied to wet surfaces
• Weatherproof
• Solvent Free
• Quick Curing
• For interior and exterior use
• Remains full elastic