4.2kw Portable Gas Heater Kingavon


Central heating is all very well, but when you want to heat just one room, not the whole house, there’s nothing better than a Kingavon Portable Radiant Heater.

Kingavon Portable Radiant Heaters are self-contained, easy to move around and will warm any room in minutes. They’re cheap to run, and when you realise just how much you can save by only having heat where you need it, you’ll feel a warm glow inside and out.

Portable, Easy to Use and Ideal for us in the Home, Industrial Applications, Warehouses, Workshops, Garages, Greenhouses, Offices and Shops
Portable Gas Cabinet Finished in Black (Butane Gas Cylinder Not Supplied)
3 Heat Settings: 1.4kW (min), 2.8kW (mid) and 4.2kW (max) Gas Consumption: 100g/h (min), 200g/h (mid and 300g/h (max)
Heating Area Up to 60 Cubic Metres
Built-in Ignition Button

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The 4.2kW Portable Gas Heater is the perfect way to keep your home warm on those cold winter days or nights. This powerful heater can heat an area of up to 60 cubic metres, so it’s ideal for use in a small to medium-sized room.

Here are some of the key features of the 4.2kW Portable Gas Heater:

  • 3 heat settings: Choose from low, medium, or high heat to get the perfect level of warmth for your needs.
  • Piezoelectric ignition: This makes it easy to start the heater with just a press of a button.
  • Portable design: The heater has 4 rotary casters so you can easily move it from room to room.
  • Safety features: The heater includes an oxygen depletion system and a flame failure device to protect you from carbon monoxide poisoning and other hazards.

The 4.2kW Portable Gas Heater offers a number of benefits, including:

  • It’s easy to use and operate.
  • It’s portable and can be moved from room to room.
  • It’s safe to use, thanks to the oxygen depletion system and flame failure device.
  • It’s powerful and can heat a large area quickly

Order your 4.2kW Portable Gas Heater today and enjoy warm, comfortable surroundings all winter long!

This heater has 3 heat settings and requires a butane gas cylinder which is not supplied. It comes with
ceramic heating plates, built in ignition and anti tilt safety system. It is mounted on castors making it fully
portable and has a high thermal efficiency, being able to heat an area of up to 60 cubic metres. It is tested to
BS EN449:2002 and comes with a fully approved regulator.
Heat Settings: 1500W, 2800W & 4200W
Gas Consumption: 110g/h, 200g/h & 305g/h
Heating Area: up to 60 cubic metres