5lt Mortar Plasticiser Alphachem


Alpha Chem Mortar Plasticiser is designed to enhance the
workability and freeze thaw resistance of brick and block laying
mortars, reducing the likelihood of cracking and crazing. It may be
used to replace or supplement the use of lime.

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 Mortar does not stiffen prematurely on the board but remains
 Mortar does not segregate or ‘bleed’.
 Mortar is less prone to drying out shrinkage.
 Increased adhesive strength.
 Up to 50% water reduction can be affected.
 Inexpensive to use: allows cement contents to be reduced
(depending of present mix design).
 Increases rate of brick laying or rendering work.
 Increased durability: mortar unaffected by freeze/thaw
 Improves weather resistance.
 Mortar remains workable at temperatures down to ‐2°C.