960 LED Chaser Cluster Lights-White 78470


  • CLASSIC CHRISTMAS LIGHTS – This set of bright white cluster chaser Christmas lights provide all the colourful illumination you need to decorate your home this festive season!
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR LIGHTS – These multi-functional cluster Christmas lights are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Decorate your Christmas tree, living rooms & outside spaces with ease.
  • 8 SEPARATE LIGHT EFFECTS – Choose from Combination, Sequential, Chaser Flashing, Twinkle Flashing, Waves, Slow Glow, Slow Fade and Steady On to create the perfect festive ambience to suit your needs.
  • MAINS OPERATED – These festive Christmas lights are mains operated, and feature a 10-metre gap between the power source and the 13.9 metres of LED lights. If the lights are to be used outdoors for safety the transformer and power box need to remain protected indoors at all times.


The Christmas Workshop 78470 960 LED Bright White Chaser Cluster Lights Description

  Chaser Cluster Lights | Bright White Colours | Indoors & Outdoors Suitable | 8 Different Modes

The Christmas Workshop is the market leading supplier of everything you need to make your Christmas as magical as ever! From indoor and outdoor lights and decorations, to Christmas ornaments such as nutcrackers, festive train sets and candle bridges, the Christmas Workshop has everything you need to decorate your home today. These 960 bright white cluster Christmas lights are the perfect purchase for those people looking for multi-functional Christmas decorations that can be used to style both the inside or outside of your home. The chaser Christmas lights stretch for 13.9 metres, and the first flashing bulb is situated a hearty 10 metres from the mains box. The festive fairy lights feature 8 separate light modes, all designed to give you a different sensory experience. Choose between Combination, Sequential, Chaser Flashing, Twinkle Flashing, Waves, Slow Glow, Slow Fade and Steady On to deliver a truly unique experience this Christmastime! These Christmas lights are dual-purpose and can be used both indoors and outdoors. PLEASE NOTE that if the lights are to be set outdoors then the mains unit needs to remain indoors and dry at all times. As well as being the best lights to decorate Christmas trees and outdoor spaces, these bright white fairy lights are also suitable to be used to decorate weddings, birthdays, bedrooms, or any other scenario when bright and colourful illumination is required