De Vielle Hot And Cold Ash Carrier DEF973024


The  ash-carrier is a simple yet invaluable addition to your stove. It offers a clean, safe and effective means of ash disposal. This eliminates the risk of dropping hot ash onto the carpet and saves you countless trips to the cold outdoors every time you need to empty the ash from your stove. It enables hot ashes to be emptied straight from the stove into the carrier where they can be stored and left to cool safely.

Internal dimensions: H32cm x W43cm x D10cm

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A Galvanised ash carrier from De Vielle which has been designed to make carrying ashes from the fire to the bin easier, safer and cleaner. Galvanised metal construction allows it to be used with both hot and cold ashes. Quick and easy to use; simply slide the ash carrier into the fireplace and scoop up your hot or cold ashes.

Internal dimensions: H32cm x W43cm x D10cm