Dri Pak Oxi Boost 600g


  • Stain Slayer: Coffee, grass, wine – no stain is too tough! Oxi Boost’s oxygen-based formula lifts and removes even the most stubborn marks, leaving your clothes looking like new.
  • Whiter Whites: Say goodbye to dingy whites! Oxi Boost brightens and revitalizes whites, restoring their original brilliance without harsh chemicals or bleaching.
  • Gentle on Colors: Worried about fading? Oxi Boost is color-safe, so you can use it on your entire laundry load without fear.
  • Water Wizard: Hard water got you down? Oxi Boost softens water, preventing limescale buildup and ensuring optimal cleaning performance.
  • Eco-Warrior: Made with natural ingredients and packaged in a cardboard box, Oxi Boost is kind to your clothes and the planet.
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Ditch the stains, embrace the clean: Introducing Dri Pak Oxi Boost 600g!

Tired of laundry battles? Stubborn stains got you down? Introducing Dri Pak Oxi Boost 600g, your natural laundry superhero! This powerful, eco-friendly powder tackles even the toughest stains, leaving your clothes sparkling clean and beautifully bright.

But Oxi Boost is more than just a stain remover:

  • Boosts whitening: Keep your whites gleaming without harsh chemicals. Oxi Boost’s oxygen-based formula gently lifts away grey and yellowing, leaving them pristine.
  • Gentle on colors: Worried about fading? Fear not! Oxi Boost is color-safe, so your vibrant hues stay bold and beautiful.
  • Softens water: Hard water can wreak havoc on your clothes and washing machine. Oxi Boost softens water naturally, preventing limescale buildup and protecting your fabrics.
  • Kind to the planet: Ditch the plastic tub! Oxi Boost comes in a recyclable cardboard box, making it a sustainable choice for your laundry and the environment.

Here’s how Oxi Boost works its magic:

  • Add to your usual laundry routine: Simply sprinkle Oxi Boost alongside your detergent for an extra cleaning boost.
  • Pre-treat tough stains: Make a paste with Oxi Boost and water, apply directly to the stain, and let it work its wonders.
  • Soak heavily soiled items: Give your laundry a head start by soaking in a warm Oxi Boost solution.

Ready to experience the Oxi Boost difference? Order your 600g box today and see the results for yourself!