Einhell Circular Saw 1200w RT-CS-165


– Quick opener for blade guard
– Adjustment without tools (cutting depth, tilt angle)
– Large handle
– HM blade
– Sturdy aluminium soleplate
– Blade lock for easy blade change
– Blade change key the saw bench
– Soft grip
– Parallel guide
– Cable clip

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The RT-CS 165 hand-held circular saw is a high-quality, compact and powerful saw which is the right choice for a wide spectrum of cutting-to-size jobs. Thanks to the large handle with soft grip, the saw is excellent to hold. The blade guard is easily opened with a push of the thumb on the quick opener, ensuring that the tool is always securely held by both hands and can saw into the work piece without any jerking whatsoever. The cutting depth and tilt angle of the RT-CS 165 with its 1200 W motor can be adjusted without tools. A sturdy aluminium soleplate with good sliding properties enables precise guidance while cutting. The 24-tooth carbide blade is easy to change thanks to the spindle lock, with the key stored ready to hand on the saw table. This hand-held circular saw comes with an ergonomic soft grip and is both pleasant and secure to hold. A practical cable clip for securing the wound-up cable with just a twist of the hand sees the saw neatly stored away after use. Accurate cuts are assured by the parallel guide.