Prima 360 Degree Rotating Magic MOP Super Absorbent Spare MOP Head


– Ideal for use on wooden floors, marble floors, tiled surfaces etc.
– 360 degree rotating super absorbent microfibre mop head
– lightweight stainless steel handle adjustable to 45, 90 or 180 degrees
– Hand pressure makes mop spin to rinse or dry

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Comes with 2 mop heads
The ultra-absorbent Spin Mop is a revolutionary new force in floor cleaning.

The specially designed hand press spin system uses centrifugal force to spin out all the excess water – so your floors dry faster leaving no drips or streaks. The super-large, 360 degree rotating mop head allows you to cover more surface area and reach those difficult corners with ease. Safe on all types of hard flooring, Spin Mop Baba soaks up big spills and shifts stubborn scuff marks in seconds. Used dry, it attracts dust and dirt particles like a magnet, maneuvering effortlessly around and under furniture.

Mop head replacement is simple and uses a foot activated system, so you need never handle a dirty mop head again!