Zero In Fly Catcher Twinpack


2 Reusable Fly Catcher bottles
Includes super effective fly attractant
Flies get in and can’t get out
Outdoor use – attracts flies up to 10m radius
Re-use using Fly Catch Bait Refill (STV337)

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Fly Catchers attract and trap flies outdoors to prevent them infesting the home. The tried and tested effective fly bait attracts flies and other flying nuisance insects from up to 10m away. Suitable for outdoor use only, away from areas where people sit. Flies enter the trap but can’t get out. Use around livestock, refuse areas, gardens, patios, camping spaces and outdoor pet areas such as kennels or chicken runs. Easy to set up and use. Mix bait with water and hang in direct sunlight to activate.

Fly Catchers with highly effective bait included that attracts flies within a 10m radius – they love it!

  • Safe for use near dogs, cats and children.
  • 24 hour protection.
  • Suitable for outdoor use only.
  • Size H23.5, D7.8cm